How to Get Around in Wandering Lizard


Wandering Lizard is currently composed of fourteen sections - Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Russia, New Zealand/Australia, Western History Notes, and Biographical Notes. The Western History section is organized by subject and there is an alphabetically structured Biographical Index. The various State sections are organized geographically and each state has an index. (The Inn-California section has nine regional indexes.) Links to the appropriate index are located at the very bottom of each page in Wandering Lizard. There is also a search box just above the main navigation links on all of the section home pages.


If you know where you want to go it is best to start with the appropriate index. The link located there will take you directly to the appropriate page. (Particularly useful if you are on a slow internet connection. Wandering lizard contains thousands of images that will slow down page loading times.)

If you are interested in a particular subject such as Native American Culture you should use the Table of Contents on the Wandering Lizard Home Page. There are currently sixteen themes providing horizontal links to specific pages dealing with that subject. More will be added in the future.

If you would prefer to roam about the site use the geographic links. These links form a pyramid which starts with the Wandering Lizard Home and proceeds vertically down through individual state home pages, regional pages, county pages, and finally down to individual destinations.


As an example - the links that will take you to Yosemite Falls are as follows:

Wandering Lizard Home
California Home
Sierra Mountains
Tuolumne County
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite Falls

Immediately below the pictures on each page are links to other destinations in that particular location. Here are the Yosemite National Park links:

Yosemite National Park
Bridalveil Falls | Cascade Creek | Cathedral Lakes | Dana Meadows | Dog Lake | Elizabeth Lake
Gaylor & Granite Lakes | Glacier Point | Lake Tenaya | Lemke Dome | Lukens Lake | Mariposa Grove
May Lake | Olmstead Point | O'Shaughnessy Dam | Panorama Trail | Pothole Dome | Siesta Lake
Soda Springs | Taft Point | Tioga Road | Tuolumne Grove | Toulumne Meadow | Wapama Falls Trail
Wildcat Falls | Winter in Yosemite | Yosemite Creek Trail | Yosemite Falls | Yosemite Valley Floor
Accommodations | Books Available from Amazon on Yosemite National Park

Below the Yosemite National Park links are links to the rest of Tuolumne County:

Tuolumne County
Sonora | Yosemite National Park | Columbia State Historical Park | Chinese Camp | Jamestown
Moccasin | Stanislaus River | Columns of the Giants | Donnell Lake Overlook
Joaquin Murrieta Biographic Notes | Accommodations

Below the county links are the regional links. Here are the links for the Sierra Mountains Region:

Sierra Mountains
Alpine County | Amador County | Calaveras County | El Dorado County | Mariposa County
Mono County | Nevada County | Placer County | Plumas County | Sierra County | Tuolumne County | Map

Below the regional links are the state home links that will permit you to navigate to any state sub-section that interests you. Here are the state home links as organized in the Inn-California sub-section:

California Home
Alaska Home | Arizona Home | Colorado Home | Hawaii Home | Nevada Home
New Mexico Home | Oregon Home | Utah Home | Western History Notes | Biographical Notes
Wandering Lizard Home

At the very bottom of all pages are a few functional links. Here is the California version of these functional links.

About the Photography | What is New | Who What Why | List Your Property | Contact Us | Index

There are also Regional Maps for each geographic sub-section. These maps are linked to the various regions within each geographic area and are a good way to get there quickly. Here is the link to the California regional map:

California Regional Map


The state, regional, and some destination pages (like Yosemite National Park) have thumbnail images of interesting places. These pictures are linked to those destinations. It might be interesting to see how many you recognize.


Once you've visited Wandering Lizard a couple of time you might wish to keep track of new additions by checking the What's New Link at the bottom of all pages. We are adding material on a regular basis and note recent additions here.

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